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I was scammed by a website called is a creepy site once you realize that it is run by one guy and his psycho gf.

Vincent Schiele a.k.a Vernon Brenton (pictured above) who apparently is a convicted sex offender and Hilary Quarrell a.k.a Parents Love (facebook profile).

The site promises to help you with issues in court and once you sign up you get spammed liked crazy with weird gibberish and personal attacks against people whom i later found out are victims of this awful website.once you speak about what happened to you then the site starts attacking you!

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $10000.


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He states that he should have shared custody of a child where he abused the mother--are you kidding me? Your entire web-site is a contradiction to what you claim, you forget to tell your followers that you were abusive--it's not the judge's fault or the court or the CAS, it's the people who punch their former partner in the head, and try to justify it! You are a sick person!

Brampton, Ontario, Canada #899582

The comment below was written about Vincent and Hilary. They have changed the names and are attacking someone else now. Proof is in the pudding!!

Warren, Ontario, Canada #840410

We learned Adam Warren dob: February 18 1980 is well known around the Sault Ste Marie area, Northern Ontario.615 Placid SSM Adam Warren an address of many crimes when you google it Adam Ashley Warren is a convicted sex offender and known child molester.

Julie Nolan is a crack and pill head she sells her ugly abused body for the bills of their drug addictions while her teenage children suffer the ongoing abuse from her abuser Adam Ashley Warren. Her younger children are not allowed to attend her residence because of Adam's and his charges, yet she invests everything into Adam and could care less about her own children. This speaks volumes with concern to Julie's personality and character. Adam is not allowed to be with his own son without adult supervision because of charges against minors and his sex offender conviction.

Adam has numerous assault charges against women in the Sault Ste Marie Algoma are. Adam Warren and Julie Nolan are known for breaking into neighbours homes looking for money and leaving with strange items such as underwear, lipstick and family photos. Adam is usually seen riding a bike and wearing the same white shirt with stains on the front. Adam Ashley Warren is about 5' 5 and weighs around 220 pnds.

Gray hair and pale eyes set wide apart. If you see either of these two individuals keep them away from young children and do not communicate with them. Report strange behaviour to the Police or children's aid society immediately. The last I heard there was a warrant for Adam Warren with respect to a crime against children.

Do not have Adam Warren around any children he is waiting to be alone with the child. Call Police and the Children's Aid Society. Shawn's Burch children leave when you can, your father was heart broken the last months of his life because of Adam Warren affair with your mother. Shawn's last months in agony because of Adam Ashley Warren ugly choices.

Leave the place where he is as soon as possible.Just visit the children's Aid society building and tell them you want the abuse to stop

Greater Sudbury, Ontario, Canada #835120

Vincent is a PC goof!

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